About Us

We’re a tiny team of game devs who hate boring games. Think those pixelated jumpy things are all indie games have to offer? Nah. We’re here to make awesome games you’ll actually enjoy.

VR, PCs, Phones – heck, toasters might be next (don’t tell anyone). Started in July 2023 by the dream team (that’s us – Pratik, Sujeet, and Prajyot), we’re small but we pack a punch. Being small means we’re flexible and love trying new things. We’re talking crazy-smart AI, mind-blowing ideas – anything to make our games the coolest ever. Forget what you think you know about indie games.

Join us for an epic adventure! We’re here to show the world what indie games can truly be – fantastic, maybe a bit weird, and totally unforgettable (at least that’s the plan!).


Core Team